The Oddworld classic for the first time on vinyl.

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The official Stranger's Wrath soundtrack album contains newly mixed tracks from the 2005 classic, and two brand new tracks never released.
  • Record 1 Side 1
    • Fighting Outlaws - 2m 7s
    • The Mystery And The Chase - 2m 34s
    • The Looten Duke - 3m 28s
    • Remote Town - 4m 18s
    • Another Day Another Fight - 4m 26s
    • Filthy Hands Floyd - 3m 3s
  • Record 1 Side 2
    • It Begins - 1m 13s
    • Windy Town - 3m 36s
    • Attract - 3m 41s
    • When I Overcome - 2m 52s
    • In The Dark Sewers - 2m 53s
    • The Phone Conversation - 2m 31s
  • Record 2 Side 1
    • The Temple - 3m 37s
    • Burning Town - 3m 34s
    • When I Overcome (Reprise) - 1m 22s
    • The Depantsing - 2m 18s
    • A Meeting - 1m 57s
    • Fight For The Native Village - 3m 5s
  • Record 2 Side 2
    • Shadow Across A Land - 2m 23s
    • Last Legs - 2m 56s
    • The Cave - 2m 9s
    • Closing The Dam - 0m 52s
    • Soul of Darkness - 3m 6s
    • Sekto - 4m 29s
    • The Truth In Everything - 4m 10s
  • Record 3
    • Side one: Stranger Lives - 4m 34s
    • Side two: Wrath Unfolding - 4m 27s
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What's included?

The Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Official Soundtrack is a true collector's item.
  • 2 x 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Black vinyl, or limited edition coloured vinyl
  • Gatefold inner with Stranger's Wrath image and text
  • Available in two distinct versions: Original and Limited Run Games
  • 7" sampler with two never heard before tracks
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Everything you need to know about this special collector's edition soundtrack.

Where can I buy the album?
We are launching this collector's edition here, and the Limited Run Games version will be available soon.

When is the album released?
The Black Screen Records version is available to pre-order now and will be shipping very soon.

How much is shipping?
Shipping charges are calculated at checkout.

Who is producing the vinyl?
The vinyl is produced, sold and distributed by Black Screen Records in Germany.

What's on the 7" sampler?
Two brand new tracks - Stranger Lives and Wrath Unfolding - never heard before.

I have another question
Give us a shout on Twitter here or here, or for press enquiries, we'd love to hear from you at


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